How Much Is Honey Walnut Shrimp At Panda Express?

Prices on the Panda Express Menu

Food Price
Additional Charge – Premium Entree $3.75
Black Pepper Angus Steak $3.75
Firecracker Shrimp $3.75
Honey Walnut Shrimp $3.75


How much is a side of honey walnut shrimp?

A small, medium, or large portion of simply the Honey Walnut Shrimp costs $5.45, $10.00, and $13.95, respectively, while a large serving costs $13.95. Honey Walnut Shrimp will cost an additional $3.75 when purchased as part of the $20.00 family feast. There is a $1.25 increase in the price if you order it with only a single dish or bowl.

Is Panda Express honey walnut shrimp healthy?

According to the nutritional calculator provided by the manufacturer, it has 360 calories, 23 grams of fat, 3.5 grams of saturated fat, 440 milligrams of sodium, 35 grams of carbohydrates, and just 13 grams of protein. Those wishing to have a fairly healthy diet will find this dish to be unappealing.

What is the pay at Panda Express?

Panda Express Crew Members typically earn $12 per hour on average. Crew Member wages at Panda Express can range from $10 to $15 per hour depending on experience.

How much is a 3 item at Panda Express?

For $5.25, you may have a 1-Entree Plate (also known as the Panda Bowl), a 2-Entree Plate for $6.49, and a 3-Entree Plate for only $7.74.

How many carbs are in Panda Express honey walnut shrimp?

One serving of Honey Walnut Shrimp includes 27 grams of total carbohydrates, 25 grams of net carbohydrates, 23 grams of fat, 14 grams of protein, and 370 calories.

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How Does Costco make honey walnut shrimp?

Instructions for Preparation Shrimp should be baked at 400°F for about 18 minutes, turning halfway through, or until crispy and golden brown. Remove the walnuts from the pan and set them aside. Preparing the shrimp: Preheat the oven to 400°F for 8 minutes, turning halfway through, or until crispy and golden brown.

How many calories are in a small honey walnut shrimp from Panda Express?

One serving (3.7 oz) of Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp has 360 calories and contains no fat.

Why does Panda Express charge extra for shrimp?

The reason is that a pound of chicken is less expensive than a pound of shrimp. To make up for the difference in cost, they may, for example, charge $5.99 for fried rice with pig or chicken, or they could charge an additional fee to replace the whiter meats with shrimp at an additional cost.

What kind of shrimp does Panda Express have?

Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp are deep-fried in a tempura batter and then swiftly coated in a honey sauce and sweetened walnuts before being served immediately.

How do you reheat honey walnut shrimp?

If you’re wondering how to reheat honey walnut shrimp, the best method is to put them in the oven.

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake on a baking sheet until crispy, about 15 minutes, then reheat until warm again.

What is the healthiest thing at Panda Express?

According to Panda Express, these are the healthiest menu items on the menu.

  • Broccoli Beef
  • Mushroom Chicken
  • Black Pepper Angus Steak
  • Super Greens
  • Broccoli Beef with Mushrooms
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What is best at Panda Express?

Ranking the top 11 best Panda Express menu items based on their taste

  1. Orange Chicken is a dish served with orange juice. There’s a reason why this meal is Panda’s claim to fame.
  2. Honey Walnut Shrimp.
  3. Chow Mein.
  4. Fried Rice.
  5. Black Pepper Chicken.
  6. Cream Cheese Rangoons.
  7. Beijing Beef.
  8. Teriyaki Chicken.
  9. Beijing Bee

Is Panda Express healthier than Mcdonald’s?

The nutritional value of Panda Express is neither better or worse than the nutritional value of any other fast food restaurant. As is often the case, we recommend eating in moderation and picking meals that are low in calories and fats while yet providing a substantial amount of protein.

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